Thursday, 18 December 2008


There are often times that I think that I could never let this go. That I will carry this love for eternity; hidden, braved and simmering quietly amongst the hum-drum of everyday life. There are other things that are offered. The six cups show me my options, yet I throw cloth over them and pay no attention. They levitate and dance around me and I simply turn away. The contents of them make me feel sick and stale, through to my very core. That one cup, the seventh vessel, bubbles alone in the corner. No cloth covering its contents, the vapours of hope, want and need rising with the rhythm of a beating heart. I see the vapour condense and carefully drip down the wall, refilling the chalice with reborn dreams. As I turn my thoughts to it again and again, I hear the clanging of metal hit the floor as sensibility crashes and burns. The cloths soaked with the blood of sweat and tears, the guilded sparkle, tarnished and worn. Abandon all hope, ye who enter this place. The corners are bright but unattainable.

~ Leccie aka SRWB aka Defyance 2008