Monday, 21 September 2009

Failed Exorcism

I left you behind... then
yet your ghost returns
to haunt these hallways
turning absence into need
and strength to weakness

I don't have answers... now
the runaway exorcism seems
such a temporary measure
as I am faced, once more
with flickers from wet eye-corners

... I am lost ...

~ Leccie aka CharlotteSometimes(SRWB) 2009


In a moment of quiet
The sounds of buried dreams
return... twisting a knife
long blunt and rusted
Running away is good
as long as you don't have to go back
Reopening forgotten wounds
Waiting in a lake of silent sorrow
The realisation that this isnt fixable
A difference in its manifest
A love that will not die
yet be carried, heavy on my back
until the day I die
With no resolution
and no denial
If I hadn't loved you
I could be happy
I am cursed.

~ Leccie aka CharlotteSometimes(SRWB) 2009

Basket Case

It's the last game, played head on
Don't look at it sideways this time
Camo man walks his dog once more
velvet-chocolate muscle under control
He cried this morning, as he often does
whilst the eyeball plague looks on
in horror and distress.
Smile... smile... smile
everyday, ALL day
Don't ever show your soul to us
It's no longer allowed
Let it ferment and fester forever more
as we watch you carefully for the signs
Those signs that say WE are all in for it
A distress signal... the one we care about
because it makes our own lives awkward
if you display the fact that you are human.
Reacting is a weakness, of course
A reflective surface that we don't care to look at
Poor you, little basket case
Let us stuff the cotton wool inside
Just a bit more, much harder
and tighter than last time
We will suffocate you and bind you
An emotional taxidermy in the dusted corner
of a sheen-clean existence
Seratonin zombies don't have bad days
nor good days... just... OK

~ Leccie aka CharlotteSometimes(SRWB) 2009

Cake and Armageddon

I quiet the little ones safely
take a last look at the stale cake
and start to wander around this place
I haven't visited for so long
Am I older now?
Or did we go back a little?
Your bed with it's crumpled sheets
and crumbs, the fork and plate rest
where you left it, then you left
This is the same, that is too
but it's all different
Like an ending, a reckoning
That globe is now in the sky
I photographed it yesterday
A sepia vision in cherubs hands
Glistening like a water drop
unbreakable yet fragile
And now it glows above
Noone knows quite what it is
or what it is there for
But it changes over days
My cake is fresh, better than yours
and I have to wait to eat it
I remember you dressing
covering your older skeleton
draping it in vintage silk and pearls
but the angels are still in their cots
heads kissed and cheeks stroked
I sit outside to eat my cake
as reports of winds come by
the ball in the sky rotates now
Is it bigger?
Yes it's bigger, now huge
and growing, on fire
It overwhelms my mind
with incomprehension
I'm calm but braced for impact
It doesn't happen
All that anticipation
I'm still sitting here
eating my cake

~ Leccie aka CharlotteSometimes(SRWB) 2009


There is to be no beginning
in this ball of thread
No end... and no middle
Petty hours spent trying
and trying... to grab at it
just so I can start
Find a dawn, a creation
and work to the middle of noon
which is often where it fucks up
so the end is never in sight... no night
Divine inspiration?
Dissatisfaction more like!
As the masses put their minds
to endless, trivial matters
This useless, fetid world
finally bores me to silent tears
It would be such a pleasure
to leave it.


~ Leccie aka CharlotteSometimes (SRWB) 2009