Sunday, 23 January 2011

emotional pain is my biggest fear
I am eternally damned creative
and bored of being head fucked
I dont want a pink cat
and oreo cake is too kitsch for my tastes
go retro amongst the fairy lights
and shut them all out
quote after quote jabs at the logic in my mind
but it’s all theory and no fucking practise
preaching, no better than a fervent sermon
spewed in bullshit on sunday mornings
and saturdays, after tea (always after tea)
I’ll go - but only after I’ve wrapped my head in red organza
and found my 6 inch heels
I put them here somewhere - a few years ago
Has anybody seen them?
You’re all full of shit
It’s boring to be fucked up
and it’s bland to be happy
and we don’t do middle lines here
we can’t understand them
so we argue in extremes always
and now I’m going to run

~ Charlotte Sometimes (SRWB) 2011


  1. Hopefully your six inch heels will turn up.

    It's all too true about those elusive middle lines. The extemes are addictive (and each prone to being hated while in the one, and longed for as soon as one exits).

    I will, however, confess a weakness for oreo cake.

    yours always out there on the fringes,

  2. Hey R :)

    Thanks for your comment, my heels turned up, I decided it was time to start wearing them again.

    This was about the middle line really - and my irritation at the way that some people can only argue or think in extremes - black and white. It really is full of shit.

    Much love